Does life exist on other planets essay

Extraterrestrial life

People were astonished about the thought of humans being able to perform such a massive masterpiece. In conclusion, I am relatively aware, even with all the evidence that I found and shared with my readers that I might not have been able to persuade everyone to my side.

With that being said, if professional scientist are still looking for some sort of evidence with the best technology out there and still have not found something, then please explain how it can be proven. I believe that he created all living things including of course all the other planets as well as other galaxies that might not have or may never be discovered.

Consequently it might be a while until it would finally evolve into a slightly intelligent form of life. New Living Translation Second Edition. People were astonished about the thought of humans being able to perform such a massive masterpiece.

Web 2 February Any water or layers of atmosphere that might develop on or around such a body would quickly be lost to space. Then, there were seven that answered that they believe there is other life out there.

Destination…Mars Mars has always been a suspect for containing or once containing life; many space robots and satellites have been sent to orbit mars and to collect data.

These six elements form the basic building blocks of virtually all life on Earth, whereas most of the remaining elements are found only in trace amounts.

The molecule was found around the protostellar binary IRASwhich is located light years from Earth. How can life survive in these temperatures. I have taken into consideration that there are some readers out there that may not have the same religious beliefs as myself, so my religious argument probably will not influence them so, with that being said I will just have to persuade all the ones that still believe there is life existence out there with facts that I have researched and support the way I feel.

They study meteors and other fragments that make it through the atmosphere to compare minerals and atomic numbers. If other planets had carbon-based life they would likely have the same or close to the same chemistry that earth has.

Life Application Study Bible: Dealing with the environment The vacuum of space is a harsh environment to live in; it has temperatures of below 0C and almost always has a presence of gamma radiation or solar wind.

I was frustrated because I was hoping that I could use that question to my advantage on this essay. Crabtree Publishing Company, Scientists decided that if they where to try and find out how life on other planets started, they must first discover how life started on Earth.

Water is considered to be important because it is chemically stable at many temperatures and can carry biological or chemical compounds.

Does life exist on other planets

Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs and opinion but I have not observed anything that can lead me to believe that there is life existence out there other than here on Earth. Are we alone, or is there life elsewhere in the universe.

However the most likely places for life to exist are on planets and asteroids as they may offer resources and protection. First, the energy of the impact needed to get material from one planet to another in a multihabitable system is much less than it is in the solar system, so microorganisms are more likely to survive the impact itself.

A theory says that chemicals below the earths crust where combining together due to the extreme heat and eventually came to the surface to evolve; this is called the primordial soup theory see picture above. The rover landed on Mars at Gale Crater in August.

The Kepler spacecraft has found planet pairs on very similar orbits, and if such a planet pairing occurred in the right place, then both planets could sustain life and even help each other along.

Life on Other Planets. Print Reference this. Disclaimer: Still, there is hope for life to exist there today, under the surface.

Life On Other Planets

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Does life exist on other planets Before we start to investigate the possibility of life beyond earth, we must first define life. The oxford English dictionary defines life as- “the condition that distinguishes animals and plants from inorganic matter, including the capacity for growth and functional activity”.

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Life on Other Planets Essay Does life exist other than here?

Could life exist on other planets?

I believe the chance of extraterrestrial life existing in this universe is significantly high due to scientific research and physical and visual evidence that have been acquired recently.

With recent discoveries and.

Does life exist on other planets essay
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