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It may help to dispose of the objection that she virtually disappears from history after the date of the tragedy at Rouen.

The Unseen World and Other Essays

For the final refrigeration of the sun will long be postponed by the fate of the planets themselves. The physical process is complete in itself, and the thought does not enter into it.

In fine, if we suppose the material universe to be composed of a series of vortex-rings developed from an invisible universe which is not a perfect fluid, it will be ephemeral, just as the smoke-ring which we develop from air, or that which we develop from water, is ephemeral, the only difference being in duration, these lasting only for a few seconds, and the others it may be for billions of years.

The reader first needs to know what vortex-motion is; and this has been so beautifully explained by Professor Clifford, that I quote his description entire: But now, supposing some Platonic speculator were to come along and insist upon our leaving room for an alternative conclusion; suppose he were to urge upon us that all this process of material development, with the discovery of which our patient study has been rewarded, may be but the temporary manifestation of relations otherwise unknown between ourselves and the infinite Deity; suppose he were to argue that psychical qualities may be inherent in a spiritual substance which under certain conditions becomes incarnated in matter, to wear it as a perishable garment for a brief season, but presently to cast it off and enter upon the freedom of a larger existence; — what reply should we be bound to make, bearing in mind that the possibilities of existence are in no wise limited by our experience.

Even at the dimensions to which our theorizing has here grown, we may for instance discern the possible alternative of a simultaneous or rhythmically successive generation and destruction of vortex-atoms which would go far to modify the conclusion just suggested. Thus far our view has been confined to the career of a single star — our sun — with the tiny, easily-cooling balls which it has cast off in the course of its development.

The radiance thrown away by the sun is indeed lost so far as the future of our system is concerned, but not a single unit of it is lost from the universe. But it does seem to me needful, before we conclude that radiated energy is absolutely and forever wasted, that we should find out what becomes of it.

In the archives of Metz, Father Vignier discovered the following remarkable entry: This sort of inference has not yet been wholly abandoned, even in civilized communities.

We have kept pretty clear of mere subjective guesses, such as men may wrangle about forever without coming to any conclusion. His surface-temperature is estimated at some three million degrees of Fahrenheit, and a diminution of his diameter far too small to be detected by the finest existing instruments would suffice to maintain the present supply of heat for more than fifty centuries.

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And at a still remoter date in the past, the mass of the sun was diffused in every direction beyond the orbit of Neptune, and no planet had an individual existence, for all were indistinguishable parts of the solar mass. In justice to our authors, however, it should be remembered that this assumption is put forth not as something scientifically probable, but as something which for aught we know to the contrary may possibly be true.

However abundant it may be, we cannot expect to meet with it. Indeed, the conceptions of matter now current, and inherited from barbarous ages, are likely enough to be crude in the extreme.

Essay other unseen world

The earliest thinkers, indeed, were further hindered from accomplishing much by the imperfections of the language by the aid of which their thinking was done; for science and philosophy have had to make a serviceable terminology by dint of long and arduous trial and practice, and linguistic processes fit for expressing general or abstract notions accurately grew up only through numberless failures and at the expense of much inaccurate thinking and loose talking.

On the negative-image hypothesis it is not hard to see how thought is conceived to affect the seen and the unseen worlds simultaneously. The radiance thrown away by the sun is indeed lost so far as the future of our system is concerned, but not a single unit of it is lost from the universe. But in the equations of motion of an incompressible frictionless fluid were first successfully solved by Helmholtz, and among other things he proved that, though vortex-motion could not be originated in such a fluid, yet supposing it once to exist, it would exist to all eternity and could not be diminished by any mechanical action whatever.

The agreement is not habitually expressed in definite formulas, for the reason that no mental image of a purely spiritual world can be formed. The moon seems to be already thoroughly refrigerated, while Jupiter and Saturn are very much hotter than the earth, as is shown by the tremendous atmospheric phenomena which occur on their surfaces.

In admitting this, we do not admit the conclusion of Absolute Idealism, that nothing exists outside of consciousness. And those who think it easy to refute these conclusions of Professor Beesly had better set to work and try it.

Sir William Thomson has shown that it explains a great many of the physical properties of matter: We may well believe Professor Tyndall, therefore, when he tells us that all the solar radiance we receive is less than a two-billionth part of what is sent flying through the desert regions of space.

Why should not the universe bury its dead out of sight. We may look with unspeakable reverence on the features of wife or child, less because of their physical beauty than because of the beauty of soul to which they give expression, but to imagine the perception of soul by soul apart from the material structure and activities in which soul is manifested, is something utterly beyond our power.

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John Fisk, born in Connecticut inwas a Harvard educated philosopher.

The unseen world and other essays about life

A fan of Charles Darwin, he championed the popular opinion of the day regarding brain size and the racial superiority of the “Anglo-Saxon race”.

Despite this, he was also avid anti-slavery and twenty-three years after. The Unseen World, and Other Essays Contents The unseen world -- "The to-morrow of death" -- The Jesus of history -- The Christ of dogma -- A word about miracles --.

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In other words, though our study of the visible universe has led us to the recognition of a kind of unseen world underlying the world of things that are seen, yet concerning the economy of this unseen world we have not been led to entertain any hypothesis that has not its possible justification in our experiences of visible phenomena.

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Essay other unseen world
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essay other unseen world